My Life, My Sense of Gratitude

Too short when I had to write all this. many things that many people would not understand. many people also do not want to be bothered. how much desire and effort to achieve what I want, dreams, hopes, and the results I want to achieve in my life. What do you know about me? stupid guy who talked a lot with no results? hopefully it all wrong.

Error is always present in every step one at a later date. and some of them are lucky in that regard. glory, fame, and wealth can sometimes be a determinant of a person's achievements in life. I wrote this for myself and other people know, there is no success without effort. whether any attempt, everything takes time and hard work. discrimination in life will never run out as long as there is a sense of selfishness in every human being in the world.

Some of us are also sometimes forget themselves. like all the cool things in our lives. behold, many parents still struggle to put food on the streets. slum life, a life of regret, and the high expectations that always leads to an unjust result. but they remain grateful. God is always there for us when we're trying and pray to him. Do not forget ourselves when we are in the fame, and in all its glory. because there is always someone or a group of people who always support you.
becareful in stepping. everything can spin and turn things around. once again, it's all due to the hard work and we are weak in help feeling smug. never stop smiling at friends who succeed because of his efforts. praying for them to survive and provide a useful thing to others. because life is short and we never know when all the difficulties and pleasures will end.

Convince yourself to be happy. enjoy life, and be grateful to God, the creator of happiness and difficulties in life. God never wanted a good servant to hell. God always gives them the opportunity to turn evil and go to heaven someday. I am writing this because I know and realize, I'm part of you that does not know what life is really. maybe we were in trouble immediately get up and enjoy life with a sense of pleasure. This is my hope in life. happy is simple when you know what the best decision we have to choose and do. life, is gratitude :)

Pamungkas Shakti Nugroho.

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